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      Mayell Shearer, VAT consultants, tel 01330 824399. Independent professional VAT advice, planning, consultations and much more.

      Let us help with any VAT problem or issue that concerns you

      VAT was introduced to the UK in 1973 and we have been working in this specialism since then! As an independent firm we are highly efficient, flexible and offer a very personal service with a genuine concern for our clients’ interests. We have found that the majority of contacts that we have made have returned on a regular basis for further assistance.

      Our range of experience is very wide and we are able to save our clients money by efficient and valuable problem-solving and advice.

      Our clients include accountants, solicitors, property developers, retailers, manufacturers, importers, charities, public sector and just about every other type of business imaginable. We have a significant number of ‘regular’ clients who use us on a daily/weekly basis.

      Our fees are highly competitive and negotiable with regard to complexity, job-size and regular usage. We generally operate on an hourly rate but also on a retainer basis, and or on quotations agreed up-front.

      With our proven experience, we offer you comprehensive, professional advice to help you achieve both VAT compliance and savings.

      By investing in our services you will:
      • Make savings
      • Avoid penalties 
      • Improve cashflow 
      • Simplify VAT procedures 
      • Secure maximum VAT recovery
      Although based near Aberdeen in the Northeast of Scotland our clients are scattered over the UK with many in London and the South of England, the Midlands and Northern Ireland as well as Scotland. We are prepared to travel to meetings from Aberdeenshire where required.

      Contact us now or at any time:

      Tel:    01330 824399
      Fax :  01330 824399
      Mob:  07969 593 728

      E-Mail:  john@mayellshearer.co.uk

      Initial contact is of course free of charge and we will be pleased to discuss any enquiry or our services.

      About Us | VAT Services | Home

      Aiket Cottage | Strachan | Banchory | AB31 6NL
      t: 01330 824 399 | f: 01330 824 399 | m: 07969 593 728
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